Bill Ladyman

IA Private Wealth

I am an Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager and Financial Planner with iA Private Wealth. I completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree from the University of Manitoba in 1991 and earned my MBA in 2008. In addition, I have been awarded the Canadian Investment Manager and Financial Management Advisor designations from the Canadian Securities Institute.I work closely with each of my clients and demonstrate an absolute commitment to helping them achieve financial piece of mind by providing them with tailored investment solution and superior advice.The process I take my clients through is what differentiates my services from others. I take the time to ensure that all aspects of my clients’ personal and financial picture are taken into account. My solid relationships with investment, tax, legal, insurance and estate planning professionals enhance the depth and breadth of service I am able to offer.I have a proven record of working closely with my clients and their families; providing them with peace of mind as we work together to develop, implement, and monitor strategies to help them achieve their life goals and visions.

1800-201 Portage Avenue Winnipeg MB R3B3K6

T: (204) 752-3298

E: [email protected]