Jim Jackson


Vending Services - The supply and maintenance of coin operated vending equipment for cold drinks, hot drinks, snacks, fresh food and ice cream.Coffee and Refreshment Services - The supply of equipment and refreshment products for offices and the food service industry. We carry a large selection of coffee in both whole bean and ground portions, as well as flavoured coffees, cappuccinos, teas, chocolate and all related beverage products. We also provide single cup options from Mars Drinks, Mother Parker\'s Real Cup (K-Cup compatible) and a Bean to Cup options.Equipment Sales & Service - The sale of vending and coffee equipment as well as the servicing and repairing of equipment.Micro Markets - A modern day solution to provide Deli Style services in locations that can not or do not want to support and staff a cafeteria.

91 Plymouth St Winnipeg MB R2X 2V5

T: (204) 633-2405

Fax: (204) 697-0708

E: [email protected]

W: www.qualitycoffee.ca/